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Learning Through Experiences

Sharing Business Success Stories

Inspiring Conversations is a multi platform concept aimed at bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs from varied fields to learn from each other’s experiences. Successful entrepreneurs from different fields share stories of their journey to the top.

Inspiring Conversations 33
Date - January 29, 2018
Guest - Vishal Gondal

Inspiring Conversations 32
Date - November 18, 2017
Guest - Dakshesh Patel
Venue - The Lalit, London

Inspiring Conversations 31
Date - November 18, 2017
Guest - Nayan Shah and Tejas Vyas
Venue - MCHI BKC, Mumbai

Inspiring Conversations 30
Date - September 9, 2017
Guest - Navin Valrani
Venue - The Oberoi, Dubai
Navin M. Valrani is the CEO of the engineering services cluster of the Al Shirawi Group, a private family-owned industrial conglomerate based in Dubai, UAE. The Engineering Services Cluster comprises 10 organizations that cater to various verticals within the construction services sector. He is also the CEO of Al Shirawi's education initiative, The Arcadia Preparatory School, a private English National Curriculum school in Dubai.

Inspiring Conversations 29
Date - August 18, 2017
Guest - Prasad V Potluri
Venue - Hotel Trident, Hyderabad
Prasad shared his business journey and INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS could unravel his thought process and the way he performs his entrepreneurship. As a serial entrepreneur in the global outsourcing services space; prasad successfully built and sold 3 companies while serving the needs of the Fortune 1000 marketplace.

Inspiring Conversations 28
Date - July 27, 2017
Guest - Dilip Chhabria
Venue - Four Seasons, Mumbai
Dilip Chhabria, Founder of DC Design is a Celebrity Car Designer. He explains how his passion made him a passionpreneur and made him word famous by the style and quality of his work.

Inspiring Conversations 27
Date - May 26, 2017
Guest - C.K. Ranganathan
Venue - Hyaat Regency, Chennai
Ranganathan won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Economic Times in 2004. He was the Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Tamil Nadu State Council for the year 2009-10, and is the former president of the Madras Management Association. He is also one of the founding members of the Ability Foundation – an NGO working towards the rehabilitation of the physically challenged, and he instituted the CavinKare Ability Awards in 2003.

Inspiring Conversations 26
Date - April 27, 2017
Guest - Dr. Ram Buxani
Venue - Hotel Fairmont, Dubai
Dr. Ram Buxani shared his success journey.

Inspiring Conversations 25
Date - April 11, 2017
Guest - Amisha Vora
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Amisha Vora is a Joint Managing Director & key shareholder at Prabhudas Lilladher Group Havingb 30 years of rich experience in Indian equities she is a well respected opinion maker in the equity markets. She is one of the leading women entrepreneurs in India today and is regularly featured on leading business channels like CNBC, ET Now etc for her views & insights on stocks and industries.

Inspiring Conversations 24
Date - April 11, 2017
Guest - Anshulika Dubey
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Anshulika Dubey is the Cofounder and COO of Wishberry. She has also bagged the honor of being and Ink Fellow and Forbes Asia Under 30 Achievers. Besides that she has spoken at various prestigious forums such as TedX talks, Ink Talks and Josh Talks in India and abroad on crowdfunding for creative artists in India.

Inspiring Conversations 23
Date - January 16, 2017
Guest - M.P. Shri Dhananjay Mahadik
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
At a young age he realised that any business needs leadership and any business is possible by delegating it to the right people for performance and growth. Making all businesses accountable to him and making sure that he begins the day with taking stock of all his enterprises , has always helped him to be in control of all the activities.

Inspiring Conversations 22
Date - November 2, 2016
Guest - S. Xavier Britto
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Mr. Britto is a humble person with great grit, determination and humility but ambitious to become the number one and powerful enough to chase any size of a dream. He said give opportunities to right people from your organisation. Nurture them according to their abilities. Promote them with incentives. Make them your family. And create strongest bonding.

Inspiring Conversations 21
Date - September 30, 2016
Guest - Deepa Sahi and Ketan Mehta
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Mr. Ketan Mehta and Ms. Deepa Sahi, was a very interesting one. We traveled into the world of cinema, animation and media which entertains people. The ability of Ms. Deepa to manage multiple productions efficiently by sitting in one place emphasises the importance of technology and the need to eliminate all barriers that bind you to a particular location.

Inspiring Conversations 20
Date - July 27, 2016
Guest - Dr. A. Velumani
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
If you don't spoil the sleep of 10 people you can't give a solution to 10000 people. Don't bother about what people will think about u in your industry. To pass on benefits to thousands of your customers, a few from your industry would get upset. Don't bother about them and move forward. In every business there's profit, but how much to earn from business, is mind set game.

Inspiring Conversations 19
Date - June 29, 2016
Guest - Ms. Lina Ashar
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Enthusiasm and passion are contagious. And that's what Lina Ashar did at inspiring conversations. She contaminated the whole hall full of entrepreneurs with her passion, liveliness , high energy levels and her extraordinary drive. She says she is Self driven for continuous growth and development again keeping in mind purpose of business.

Inspiring Conversations 18
Date - April 4, 2016
Guest - Mr. Deepak Ghaisas
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
A person with background of a cost accountant, company secretary, and a chartered accountant, who ventured into the food business for 5 years and then next 25 years into information technology with his company IFLEX and then began his career yet again with the biotechnology industry, really rocked the show. Doing business in more than 125 countries, and then selling off IFLEX for a whopping 20 thousand crores, was by itself a history in the making. For a company which began with a capital of around 4 crores.

Inspiring Conversations 17
Date - February 18, 2016
Guest - Mr. B. S. Nagesh
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
From humble beginnings in Gorakhpur and post graduation education from Banaras Hindu university , and work experiences in three companies , all sales related , over a period of 10 years and then starting off in mumbai with a 2800 sqft space for shoppers stop at Andheri , to a conglomerate of 45 lakh sqfeet of sales space across India with a turnover of more than 4000 crores and a employee strength of 18000 employees , shoppers stop has really come a long way and the full credit goes to Mr. Nagesh who brought revolution in the retail industry in India.

Inspiring Conversations 16
Date - January 27, 2016
Guest - Mr. Mahesh Mudda
Venue - Hotel Sea Princess, Mumbai
The 16th session with Mahesh Mudda, Managing Director and CEO of New Consolidated Construction Company Ltd (NCCL), was an awesome experience. He spoke from his heart and passion and shared all his experiences which I am jotting down for everyone's benefits. NCCL is a 70 years old company. But the magnanimous growth happened in last 13 years. The message is - Consistency Leads to Victory.

Inspiring Conversations 15
Date - January 4, 2016
Guest - Dr. Mukesh Batra
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Dr. Mukesh Batra tried and was never worried about failure. He said he has failed the first time but succeeded the second time and then went on to Master it & replicate it. Technology and system driven management was his power to excel, also his vision to empower his company years ahead of his competitors with innovative ideas and industry knowledge and strategies.

Inspiring Conversations 14
Date - November 2, 2015
Guest - Mr. Pramoud Rao
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
He believes in innovation and the right and the best use of technology and exited the hardware game of the business and sells only the service game where the customer can't question the hardware configuration.

Inspiring Conversations 13
Date - July 24, 2015
Guest - Mr. Mohomed Morani
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
India is the only country where you can get entertained at a nominal spend of 100 rs. By watching a movie. People like Mr. Mohomed Morani make this possible. And they will still keep Pursuing and pushing themselves to do better and grow faster and in turn create opportunities for all around them and add value and growth to this great country called INDIA.

Inspiring Conversations 12
Date - June 25, 2015
Guest - Mr. Tony Ashai
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Celebrity architect TONY ASHAI stole the evening and mesmerized the audience with his free flow of thoughts, great composure and perfect answers.Such interactions encourage us to become better entrepreneurs. It was a mind blowing experience and the audience was spell bound with the entire conversation. Inspite of being a successful celebrity architect , Tony is a very grounded and a humble person with respect for all who meet and greet him and he values each and every relationship irrespective of the status or stature of the person.

Inspiring Conversations 11
Date - April 1, 2015
Guest - Mr. Prasad Lad
Venue - Hotel Suba International, Mumbai
Mr. Prasad Lad was at his best. Being a brilliant orator and an experienced and successful businessman, he made sure that the entire audience was all ears to his wise words of wisdom. Krystal group of companies, a mammoth Organisation which employs more than 25000 employees, under the leadership of Mr. Lad, was a treat to hear.

Inspiring Conversations 10
Date - February 13, 2015
Guest - Mr. Pradeep Lokhande
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
Mr. Lokhande, was very vocal of the positive progress of the country and his faith was also reinforced with the knowledge that today parents are also ensuring the education of a girl children. And this will bring growth revolution in INDIA. Overall it was a phenomenal evening and the questions from the audience was just raining but he event had to be concluded for paucity of time.

Inspiring Conversations 9
Date - January 1, 2015
Guest - Dr. Subhashchandra Goel
Venue - Welingkar Institute Auditorium, Mumbai
Inspiring Conversations was clubbed with Dr. Subhashchandra show of ZEE TV. It was lovely evening with Dr. Subhash Chandra. The hall was fully packed. Dr. Subhash enjoyed the event with all the IC members. It was a lovely interaction and all the IC members were in full command interacting with him with ease.

Inspiring Conversations 8
Date - September 19, 2014
Guest - Mr. Dharmendra Mehta and Mrs. Giselle Mehta
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
All the Different businesses done by the couple, displayed knowledge, expertise and business acumen along with timing and value calculations of every opportunity . Market study and risk mitigation has been their strength. Pre-sales and confirmed customers has also been their market strategy.

Inspiring Conversations 7
Date - July 1, 2014
Guest - Capt. Raghu Raman
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
His oratory skills and his experience of the armed forces, corporate world and the indian government was explained very very well. His observations of how to understand and handle competition was also a master stroke. His theory of a startup ceo and the example of the rocket taking off from the land skywards was an apt example of the role of a startup ceo.

Inspiring Conversations 6
Date - March 28, 2014
Guest - Mr. Bharat Dabholkar
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
It was par excellence. He was just flowing with knowledge and experience and his sharings of real experiences. Being a hardcore ad man, his sharings were very very helpful for all the entrepreneurs who had gathered. It was truly an inspiring evening full of fun and knowledge and some fantastic interactions.

Inspiring Conversations 5
Date - February 24, 2014
Guest - Mrs. Prema Sagar
Venue - Hotel Avion, Mumbai
You live and learn. At any rate, you live. A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. You learn something every day if you pay attention. It was a SAGAR of knowledge evening with Ms. Prema Sagar, the boss of Genesis Burson Marsteller, a renowned PR company of India and the world. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading.

Inspiring Conversations 4
Date - January 24, 2014
Guest - Dr. Manohar Joshi
Venue - Hotel Vits, Mumbai
He came, he sat, he rocked.
He had a smart and a witty answer to every question. His interaction with every person in the audience was also superb. All the people enjoyed the interaction. It was a evening full of one Liner dialogues, smart statements, unconventional methods of doing business and energetic debates.

Inspiring Conversations 3
Date - November 15, 2013
Guest - Mrs. Sussanne Roshan
Venue - The Charcoal Project, Mumbai
Her explanation of customer handling, use of psychology in business, Sense of positive energy, principles of law of attraction, time management, business planning, business vision, team work, work life balance, delegation of responsibility and authority, competition, business collaboration, business experience and education, social outlook, passion of work, global expansions, advertising and marketing, and legal precautions in business were well received by the audience.

Inspiring Conversations 2
Date - October 4, 2013
Guest - Dr. Vitthal Kamat
Venue - Hotel Meluha the Fern, Mumbai
His simplicity with extra ordinary explanation amazed all the people. He revelead lots of his success stories and guided all on how to make big empire. It was just too good event.

Inspiring Conversations 1
Date - August 17, 2013
Guest - Mr. Nagu Chidambaram and Mrs. Geetha Nagu
Venue - Hotel Waterstone, Mumbai
The couple was pouring superb business knoweldge and answered all the questions of audiences to their fullest satisfaction. One of the magnificant evening of business success sharing.